How do I track my package?
After an order has shipped, you can find tracking information in your order details by checking your order status. Once your package has shipped, there will be a tracking number available that you can use on the FedEx or USPS website, depending on which carrier shipped your package.

How much does standard shipping cost?
Shipping charges depend on the product(s) being ordered. Standard shipping for firearms is free. Orders containing ammunition or reloading products will have additional shipping charges. For more information on our shipping charges, please visit our Shipping Information page.

Can I choose which Shipping Carrier delivers my package?
Most orders shipped by Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore are sent by FedEx. We do not use UPS as a shipping carrier.

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?
We currently do not offer shipping outside of the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii.

I just received my tracking number, but the carrier’s website said the tracking number was not found. What happened?
Once we have processed your shipping label, and until the package has been scanned by the shipping carrier, there may be a delay before you start seeing tracking details. This may take up to 24 hours to update on the carrier’s website.

I chose an expedited shipping method for my firearm, but it still hasn’t shipped. Why is that?
There are a few factors that may delay the shipment of a firearm. These include, but are not limited to:

Whether we have the receiving dealer’s Federal Firearms License (FFL) on file, or if we need to obtain that from them
Receiving proper credentials for law enforcement firearm purchases
“Non-compliant” firearms being shipped to a state with restrictions (such as California). This may require approval from the receiving dealer and/or additional documentation
Unfortunately, many of the factors that could delay a firearm shipment are out of our control. However, there are a couple things you can do that may minimize the chance of a delay:

Choosing an FFL dealer from our database. These dealers are on file with us, which means we already have a copy of their FFL.
Verifying that the firearm you want to purchase is legal in your city or state. Even if you choose an FFL dealer from our database, this doesn’t guarantee that we have the additional, relevant documentation required for “non-compliant” firearms. There may be additional paperwork required that is unique to each purchase, or documentation that the FFL dealer has to send to us.

Can I change the address on a package that has already been shipped?
If your package contains a firearm and has already been shipped, the shipping address cannot be changed. To change the shipping address on an eligible package, there is a $15 fee per package.

Will my package(s) require a signature for delivery?
Packages that contain $350 or more of merchandise may require a signature; otherwise, it is generally up to the driver’s discretion to determine whether a signature is required. All packages containing a firearm will always require an adult signature. After three delivery attempts, the package will be returned to us.